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#1 May 29, 2019 3:19 pm

New Historian

Just one Jim Brown murder

Jim Brown aka Lester Lloyd Coke, aka undisputed don of the West Kingston ghetto, aka leader of the Shower Posse Jamaica's most feared cocaine gang, and finally aka Prime Minister Eddie Seaga's personal bodyguard:

Late one night, a taxi driver made the mistake of bad-driving Jim Brown and compounded it by cussing him into the bargain. Brown exploded; he chased down the taxi and forced it to a stop, police style. By this time the poor driver realized who he’d just crossed, but it was too late for apologies. As blows rained down upon the hapless driver’s head, who happened to show up but a police car. Recognizing Jim Brown immediately, they did the only sensible thing: they arrested the minibus driver. “For his own protection.”

But it did no good. While the police took the petrified minibus driver to Denham Town police station, Brown and his men went back to their Tivoli Gardens lair; and stewed. Several hours later, Brown’s murderous rage had to be sated. He led his men, now armed to the teeth, back to Denham Town police station and demanded the terrified driver. The police duly complied. The driver’s bullet riddled body was found the following morning, on a garbage dump.


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