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#1 Jun 05, 2019 10:11 am



I tink ah missed the sapodilla season, by this much, but was able to get ah few the second day I arrive in Greenz. I just cant believe this Mango, especially Julie and the other nice one are ah wash in Greenz.  I walk ten steps in me Backward and mangoes are spoiling.  Mango for so. Well as you know bananas and paw paw are always in season.

So far Grenada is still he most sexy island on this earth.  The place sweet as Sugar Apple.  Can't get on Talkshop daily, but say wha, ah living. Hard to believe I am here more than ah week now, and ah ent see ah beach yet.  Still some work to be done around the house, so ah doing that.

Thanks much Expat for helping me out. Ah going to eat ah slice ah Paw paw, ah mango and ah Rock fig.  BTW this guy brought me ah mango, lord that mango nice.  Forget Julie and dem, that is ah real nice mango.


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