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#1 Jun 11, 2019 10:00 pm


A Lot Of People Are Really Spaced Out

We are exposed 24/7 with politics  / Social media.  Fake News . Lies from the Lord to the stable boy . Confused . lol.

Is it in the water ?  - The Air ? -  What we eat ?

I just read .... News Week 's  Lee McIntyre  >>>  Flat Earthers and the Rise of Science deniers in America .
Vaccine deniers
Climate change  'skeptics'
Why facts don't change our mind.

..... Being exposed day after , day to (information ??? )   is over kill.
... The difference not having internet for about 6 months .....   tells .... you don't need a lot of it.

2019 ...FLAT EARTHERS .......  plesssseeeeee !


#2 Jun 11, 2019 10:40 pm


Re: A Lot Of People Are Really Spaced Out

You have to choose your absurdities carefully.

Flat Earth   Phooey.
Climate IS changing, luddites will say man is not contributing, but regardless it is changing.
Most vaccines have been developed AFTER the conditions were almost wiped out... so maybe the threat isn't as great as big Pharma and its funded politicians and news outlets would have you believe?
Facts are facts, and should be treated with respect, but you do have to consider the source of the "facts", and what connections exist, and weigh up whether the alternative "fact" is just a cranks view, or a researched unbiased alternative. Many "facts" I have encountered recently hold greater merit that the sheeple version most people swallow. That is not to say along with the well rounded researched fact, occasionally a misinterpretation, or error can't get mixed in. But there is definitely an increase in the use of what was often considered Alternative Medicine, which is slowly but surely being adopted by mainstream.

Versions of Chiropractic have been around for around 3000 years, it hasn't taken long for conventional medicine to recognise it's benefits.....or has it?

When the battle front surgeons approach to medicine has finally been overturned, we might start to see some body benefiting treatments instead of mostly body attacking treatments. The trouble is there is less money in it for Glaxo if you take Turmaric and Ginger tea instead of the toxic Aleve or Tylenol  for pain.

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#3 Jun 12, 2019 10:35 am


Re: A Lot Of People Are Really Spaced Out

Yesterday ,  after reading about Flat Earthers .  Came a question ,  What % crazy are humans ?

Well !!!!!!   There is a lot of writing on that subject . lol

..... and lots of reasons.
1 in 4
Natural... lol
... see where I am going.

We are more crazy than we think we are.  ....
Zeez !


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