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#1 Jun 13, 2019 6:10 pm


Global Post office has a sweet tooth.

I ordered something a few weeks back from the States, I got the notification from Grenada Postal in Miami that it had arrived, and curiously was a candy case..... A long way from what I ordered.

After an extremely long delay... most at the hands of the USPS it arrived, and I collected it today. Inside the opened package was the item.... not a candy case,  but inside that was a yellow box which was also opened..... with small boiled sweet candies inside.

Now did the folks in Miami who "repack" put the candies in, and then amuse themselves by designating it a candy case, or did the vendors put the candy as a treat and the Miami lot opened it and ate a few? Or last but not least was it opened a second time in Grenada, and sweeties purloined here?

Curious minds want to know.


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