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#1 Jul 01, 2019 9:27 pm


Bang bang bang the drum

I think I did this one before, but as it has replayed on BBC Iplayer I thought I might as well get out the drum kit.

Cotton.... A major contributor to ecological and human suffering.

To grow, never mind process a few cotton items could easily use more water than one human in 45 years.

The growth of cotton has caused the near total depletion of one of the biggest inland seas, which has killed off thousands of fishing jobs, changed the climate in that region radically, caused all kinds of illnesses both because of poverty, AND the release of toxins from the fertilizers and pesticides that were settled on the dried sea bed.

Most retailers, and manufacturers will not talk to researchers about the issue.

One bright spot, Levis are both trying to reduce water use in their production process, and trying to find ways to chemically reconstitute used cotton to reduce growing the stuff. They state they will be open source about it and share the info with other fashion companies.


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