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#1 Jul 06, 2019 12:36 am


Flow internet is such a load of crap

A couple of months back I was compulsory converted from my old DSL service to what ever super dupa service we HAVE no choice but to migrate to.

The old service was like 8Mbps, and was flaky, but it was a flaky I had become used to.

This new slightly cheaper... 15Mbps service goes out all the bloody time. A minute here, a couple of minutes there 5-10 minutes, and then there we go again until the next time. It doesn't matter whether I am watching CNN via my laptop on the TV, or writing crap on TS via my desktop, every now and the "we can't reach your server" for what ever site. Check the internet, and NO INTERNET CONNECTION.

Flow is CRAP.


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