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#1 Jul 12, 2019 9:38 am


I am having some sort of a dilemma.

Yes folks . Dancer has a problem.
How do I do this , or is it even needed ?
--- As most know , I know zip of ,  or about posters on TS. That has changed. lol.
Only in the last month or so after my  'personal'  sabbatical  from the internet ended. Now I am being forced to come into the light , a little more or shut up . Oh Lord !
---- Now who could have done that ?
A photo : Need confirmation, a desk , a blue scarf, nice big eyes. Is it ?
If this is so , you gotta come out of the shadows Dancer . You gotta show your face.       .......( no stalking please. lo. )
But how ? That's my Dilemma.
I am working on it . Lol.


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