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#1 Jul 13, 2019 8:34 pm


Will this Be the End Of The Legendary Cairo Museum .. The Daily Beast

Despite being in the centre of the city, cars move fast , speeding towards pedestrians before executing last minute swerves. Observing locals  , effortlessly sashaying their way through the carnage only adds to the intimidation as you stand on the sidewalk , nervously contemplating your first step. (lol)
... The prize is clearly in sight.      The majestic Egyptian Museum sends out its siren song , a neoclassical vision of pink salmon that seems at odd with the madness that envelopes it.
This stately old dame has been attracting visitors since 1902.   All of them  enticed by its collection of treasures , from the sparkly equipage of pharaohs and their chilling mummified remains to ancient stone ware and everyday items used by the masses.
.. Many of the items have already been shifted across town to to the gigantic  'Grand Egyptian Museum' ( 1 billion cost ) slated to open next year.
The Tutankhamun collection  and other mummies have already been moved to National Museum Of Egyptian Civilization  that opened in 2017.
The question on many a mind is whether the new GEM will see the storied Egyptian Museum revitalized or slowly decend into obscurity.

Want to see some mummies. ?


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