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#1 Jul 17, 2019 10:06 am


Some Health News ....... (paid advertisement)

With the Viagra Patent about to expire , a new sex pill takes the spotlight.
A patented pill costing less than $1 a dose stands to help millions of men with failing sex lives ; no prescription required .

Dr Henry Esber ,PhD
For Immediate release.

TORONTO :  A new sex pill sold under the brand name VESELE . The new pill is part of a new class of performance enhancers for men , which work on body and mind.  (""" MIND"""), supporting harder firmer erections.
Formulated with a special compound known as an 'accelerator' , VESELE can transport its active ingredients faster and more efficiently into the blood stream , where it really starts to work.

Gotta say thanks to technology . lol.


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