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#1 Jul 20, 2019 5:04 pm


Heat exhaustion

No way would I like to be in this type of heat 365 days a year. It's 35°c and 85% RH for Hells sake.
Surprisingly, many people love this weather and can't get enough of it after long cold winter. They actually play golf, ride bikes, wake board and enjoy just about any outdoor activity while the sweat pours off of them. It's like they bank the heat as if there will never be another warm day.
This person is not a fan of the heat and humidity. Love the outdoors but cease to function when it gets this warm. Can't do anything but wish for the beautiful temperatures of Autumn. July has been awfully hot so far but comfortably cool at night. Just have to get through August, then hurray, it's back to normal.


#2 Jul 21, 2019 9:31 pm


Re: Heat exhaustion

30 is hot enough....I've had heat exhaustion when I first cleared the land.... not funny, luckily I had the sense to stop and drnk and chill until the throbbing in my head went away.


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