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#1 Jul 25, 2019 10:59 am



Long , long, long , summer days.
No internet , no texting ,no e-mails , no talk shop.
A phone number, would have been good
Just silence

Mr Computer, repair man , can I beg a post
Hope its not too  late
To say  ... still here
No  disappearing.

Hey Bob  ! You got it all wrong
Dis ain't no Running Away.


#2 Jul 28, 2019 10:55 pm


Re: Computers

Life without Cell phones, and computers would be so limiting. We may use them many times for fun and companionship, but I could not have run a successful chauffeur business at one point without cell phones, and my uptake in knowledge on so many topics means I have been able to tackle many jobs I would have had to pay some rascally tradesman to do, so increase in knowledge, and saving of money.
I was in at the birth of personal computers before Windows and the like, I through a career change became a very early adopter of cell phones, long before the posers started pretending they were making a phone call until the phone rang,.... smile
Again I was right at the front of Blackberry usage.... company supplied.... I amused my wife when a person over from America in a Wedding we were attending was posing and swaggering about their Blackberry that no body had, and in I wandered chatting on mine on some work related call with no attempt to show off or be noticed... he slid off into a corner in shame.... smile
Take em away and life stands still.


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