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Welcome to the one and only Spiceislander Talkshop.

#1 Jul 27, 2019 10:57 am

Beautiful Bradly Bolton

The Beautiful Bradley Bolton Show

Not much has been known of Beautiful Bradley Bolton and his whereabouts since October of last year.

This October marks his 20th Birthday here in the Talkshop community.

Much has been learned about this man we now know as Beautiful Bradley Bolton but few have actually seen his beautiful face... until now.

Today he shows us what he has been doing since he departed the most beautiful place on Earth nearly a year ago. He has been building a small business. In the video segment you are about to see, he presents his company to the public for the first time at an event that took place in Jacksonville, Florida on Saturday, June 29th. Though he has never conducted an interview (and it shows), he manages to interview 3 celebrities at this event known as the River City WrestlingCon. Two of the three celebrities are in the WWE Hall of Fame. Video features Teddy Long from the WWE, Sunny the California Girl from GLOW and King of the Ring, "Soul Man" Rocky Johnson, Father of Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, currently the highest paid actor in Hollywood and possibly future President of the United States (we go for entertainers now, not politicians).

So here he is for the first time, no holds barred and in your face. Take this once in a lifetime opportunity to see him for yourself in all his beautiful glory.

Good morning Talkshop!

Welcome to the weekend!

Starting to get to work on video I shot last October. I'm not all that happy with it and I've got new gear. I need to get back down there in the foreseeable future and shoot more video. I'm almost out of Rivers.


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