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#1 Aug 05, 2019 1:31 am


If you can't do the time

I was just watching a documentary type program on incarceration in some of Americas jails.

It was worse than I had ever imagined. We all know the nudge nudge wink wink about dropping the soap in the showers, but the brutality amongst inmates was horrendous, Unless you were a known face, especially in the pretrial lockups, inmates might have to fight every other person in their cell to either or figure out what ranking they had, or simply which bunk they could use.

Everyone had to comply with "the code", snitches could expect to be pulverised or stabbed, and anyone a little soft could expect to be extorted via monies from relatives, or what ever.

I would not doubt that there are some miserable places in jails in the UK, but I cannot believe in general they are anywhere near as bad as what was presented on that program. For a start off I am fairly confident they don't have cells which can hold 20 odd inmates at a time. The whole place was like a pressure cooker.

Add onto that the extensive jail time brought in back in Clinton's time for quite petty things, and the 3 strikes and your out and it's no surprise you have the highest incarceration rate in the World per capita in the USA. Just think of it, worse than repressive regimes like Russia and China.....


#2 Aug 05, 2019 8:34 am


Re: If you can't do the time

Most of the jails in the USA are businesses .    It's   a  money  making affair.
The judicial system helps feed the factories with  the   poor , the  black ,  citizens.   The system that runs things is pervasive.


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