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#1 Sep 01, 2019 2:52 pm


Today Is Like One Of Those Days .

Yes people , today is like one of those days that cannot make up its mind  , " do I want to be a Summer Day ,  or a Fall Day.
Cloudy , no peeping of the sun , light rain every hour  , you know the drizzly  kind  , road dries in 5 mins .....

But on  Summer Weekends there is cricket if you want to watch a game.

  A  10 min bike ride  takes you to a park at the beginning of a hiking trail . Cricket.
September , beginning of the league's Play Off matches.
20/20 Should be a lot of swiping. lol
let me go get a beer , etc , a book  , lo.  ( an Umbrella ... no !) lol.
An watch  1/2 of a game.


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