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#1 Sep 04, 2019 9:05 pm



Speaking Ontario . 452 Retail outlets.
These stores privately owned sell beer and other malt beverages.  These beer companies formed this chain in 1927.
Some politicians want to break up that monopoly .
One cannot complain about the service or choices of beer. Large international brands. Here are some.
  Here is a slogan , from some beer company.  >> BEER is proof that god loves us to be happy - Have a good beer < Lo.

Stella Artois - Belgium
Oranjeboom - Holland
Schneider Weisse - Germany
Special reserve - Spain
Asahi - Japan
Estrella Damm - Spain
Amstel - Holland.

Why am I speaking of beer ?   Because its fun to try different beers , and I bought some today. 
I saw Carib today , smaller can , the clerk said 'we call them grenades' . They drink well. lo
The Caribbean is well represented , Carib , red Stripe , Banks , Corona.

Have a beer .


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