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#1 Sep 15, 2019 12:40 pm


LOUIS and The Good Book

Went for a little exercise , cloudy  , overcast  . Rain came down .
....... When was the last time,  you did not run from the rain ?
Today , I did not run
   Got  Soaked to my Briefs.

**  speaking of briefs.. There is a new Brand on the market. * ME * .. I saw them on the internet. " I think I'll get a couple of pairs" *
Looks very comfortable. Lo . " You gotta take care people " ..... shopping .   (( I never could understand , why men let women buy clothes for them ))  beats me. LO.  ............'.well not all the time. lo.'

Louis and the good book ::::                           ::  As Today is Sunday.

Is a 1958 Jazz/spiritual  album by Louis Armstrong .. with his ** All Stars** and a choir.
- yesterday I found it , among stuff . 
- Reviews ----- At time playful and solemn . This  CD is absolutely joyous and uplifting.
So music lovers , get it on.


#2 Sep 22, 2019 8:30 am


Re: LOUIS and The Good Book

People   ,  while doing some work around the house , cleaning , painting , I  played  louis Armstrong  sometimes . The CD is  different .
As today is Sunday  and  in place of Church  , gotta play a few tracts .  So can you , non church goers.
Let Louis take you there.


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