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#1 Sep 23, 2019 9:10 am


SUMMER'S END - John Prine

As you might know  TODAY  23 Sept.2019  ...  end of official summer.

Here is one from  John  Prine   .... Country + Western singer. ' Sorta mirrors me at this juncture.
"But Hey ! Keep the faith '. lo.

Summer's end around the bend just flyin'
The swimmin' suits are on the line just dryin'
I'll meet you there for our conversation
I hope I didn't ruin your whole vacation

Well you never know how far from home you're feelin'
Until you watch the shadows cross the ceilin'
Well I don't know , but I can see it snowing
In your car the windows are wide open

Just come on home
Come on home
No you don't have to
be alone
Just come on home

Valentines break hearts and minds at random
That ole Easter egg ain't got a leg to stand on
Well I can see that you can win for trying
And New year's eve is bound to leave you crying

Come on home, come on home
No you don't have to
be alone
Just come on home.

The moon and stars hang out in bars just talking
I still love the picture of us walking
just like that ol' house we thought was haunted
Summer's end came faster than we wanted

So come on home
You don't have to be alone
just come on home.

.........yeah , getting ready.


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