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#1 Oct 04, 2019 10:47 am


The Development Of Higher Education In The British West Indies

What should I talk about today ?

:: by Lloyd Braithwaite  : Social and Economics studies 1958  > Published by . Sir Arthur Lewis Inst.

Articles like  this  I read sometimes , when I am 'not playing the fool' .      ***** But I do  like  " some  low life BS also.   lo.

It starts like this ------
This paper outlines the history of the various attempts to establish higher education  within the area , and the relation of the failure of these attempts to the nature of the social structure in the West Indies.
It begins with the attempts by BERKELEY and CODRINGTON to establish Colleges in Bermuda and Barbados respectively.
The unsuccessful   attempts to establish a College in Spanish Town  in 1870's and a University College  are examined.
( some history for the JA.) lo

NB....  I like to  read   -  from when my 'old lady'made me join the  ' Carneige library as a 8-10 year old  . Myself and other 'village' kids would walk to the library on Saturday mornings.

Lol , I just remembered . I had a cousin who worked at the local cinema. You paid little at the 9.30 morning show or if he was working , got in free. lo.
Lots of Westerns, old movies , and Al Copone..
Double features were a treat.


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