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#1 Oct 17, 2019 9:09 am


Death and METRO

Thanks for the example Rep. Elijah Cummings , a sharecropper's  son  who rose to become the powerful chairman of a US House Committee.  He died Yesterday.
He was 68.

To be honest I was surprised  at  his age. I had seen him around on TV  and thing. But 68 ?
I would have guessed him to be 80, 81 , like Maxine Walters.
Well !!   Some of us have better aging genes than others. lol.
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METRO  .......  News but not as you know it .   ( this Metro hails from England )

Some Headlines:

* 83 year old grandma loves using TINDER to find younger men for casual sex.
* 17 women tell us about their  worst oral sex experiences.
* Behold , the 70 sex position  which is like 69 but more athletic.

live and learn  'people'. 2019


#2 Oct 17, 2019 10:56 am


Re: Death and METRO

Not sure I would call a female of 17 a woman. Most women are half baked even at age 57, but at 17 she still has acne, and her genes aren't all in a row.

Great shame about Cummings who I thought died today.

The Metro is a free paper handed out at train stations and bus garages in London.,

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