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#1 Oct 20, 2019 12:52 pm


So you want to be a Poet laureate

Sharing once again ..... lets talk poetry.

Brian Bilson has been dubbed the "Twitter Poet Laureate ". But has no plans to unmask his real identity.
He just stumbled into writing poetry on Social Media. . He explains power of online verse.
>> It started as a tweet , I never thought it would come to this . I'm not sure it was a poem ,  it went ....

You took
the last bus home
don't know how , you got through the door
You're always doing amazing stuff
Like the time
You caught a train. 
__________ Here is   another one  for you """ Frisbee ""

Frisbee whizzing
Through the air
above our heads
Over the sand
into the water
onto the waves
Out to sea.

You cried a lot that day.
Frisbee was a lovely dog.

Here is one from Dancer.  TS . Laureate      Lol.

Calypso crashed out , can't take the pressure.
Slice can't go up the mount
New Historian ran out of tall tales.
RD traumatized.
Expat , by all means necessary.
Dancer sees it all
Can you dig it .


#2 Oct 21, 2019 4:37 pm

New Historian

Re: So you want to be a Poet laureate

"New Historian ran out of tall tales."

Just recharging the "old" memory!!


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