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#1 Oct 23, 2019 7:14 pm


Health on the BBC

Watched a program by chance about 2 individuals who had a Glucose test, and a blood work examination.

One had had diabetes, and had changed their ndiet radically and was in tip top shape.

The other was a gymnastic athlete who looked as fit as a fiddle.

Come the test the ex diabetics glucose response nwas brilliant, the athlete had a very poor response.... So healthy on the outside and sick as sheite inside.

The athlete was provided with a vegetarian diet for a month, and then retested. Not only was his glucose response normal, but his blood which had been clumping was perfectly separated as red blood cells should be.

The clumping caused by fast food, involving oils and products I have criticised before went away because canola and vegetable oil makes your blood sticky leading to heart attacks and stroke whereas oils like coconut, walnut, and olive don't.

Being healthy in Europe is quite easy, in America much harder as the GMO lobby, and the HFCS brigade are out to get you.

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