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#1 Oct 27, 2019 10:18 am


SENIORS and GAMBLING .... Niagara Falls Casino

Yes ,  I was invited to this fund-raising ' Netball trip '  to Niagara . Bus full ,  loaded with females ,  only  5 guys.
" Let's go see the 'Falls' and have a half day  gambling ".

Well ,  OK.

As we all should know Niagara Falls is an international treat .   On a sunny/chilly day , people from all over the world  still vacationing . Indians , Chinese, Canadians,  west Indians,  hearing all sort of languages  , spoke of the 'FALLS' attraction.

But the CASINO ... the clientele  was surreal . SENIORS average age has to be 70   to  90  years. lol
Seniors entering the CASINO in the bus loads . Walkers , wheel chairs , self driven or being pushed , walking sticks , canes. I saw this guy , had to be 80+ , bent at the waist  pushing his walker.
It was fascinating. .
Husband and wives, partners, singles , don't get me wrong some youngish  people too. Some people were playing/concentrating  on  the game machines  like they were at a college exam happening then . Lo.

The Casino is 200,000 Sq Ft.  3 football fields.
3000 slot machines. 130 Table Games . Roulette, Craps , Black Jack.

METHUSELAH .... if you have disposable  income , can I have some.

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#2 Oct 27, 2019 4:20 pm

New Historian

Re: SENIORS and GAMBLING .... Niagara Falls Casino

Hey better to waste it in slots that let those ungrateful grown-up kids of ours enjoy a windfall when we pop our clogs lol!! Not that I'm that way, of course. Never.


#3 Oct 28, 2019 10:16 am


Re: SENIORS and GAMBLING .... Niagara Falls Casino

'I don't know ' . Lol.
My daughter once said . " yeah , yeah , Dad.  " We know  ,  ,,, get your own ".

'Got that right ' . lo.


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