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#1 Nov 19, 2019 3:50 pm

New Historian

Barbados is swapping places with Guyana

When I first came to Bim in 1988, straight from Jamaica, I was gobsmacked: WOW, what a great little island! Everything worked, the roads were great, phones available in a day, no power cuts, water and garbage services great - it was a "second-world" country!

Now, the place has gone to the dumps: everything fall down. Latest for the last few days/weeks is MAJOR power cuts, I had to just go and buy a standby generator. And whom did I see in the hardware store ahead of me, snapping up the last remaining units? The head of the Barbados Power and Light company!!!


#2 Nov 19, 2019 6:38 pm


Re: Barbados is swapping places with Guyana

Beat you to that one at least, Made it to Barbados in 1981. Only a 1 day stop over, and as I believe was the regular case the B&B didn't provide the second B as you had to leave early and you couldn't hang around to quarrel. Tiefin Bajaans.


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