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#1 Nov 27, 2019 8:08 am


Hey - Hey - Hey. NH.

I was building a great appreciation of New Historian  STATS and things.  Electricity , fat people and SOME cars.
BUT ..... he crossed the line with this statement. To  EXPAT.

" but you surprised me to hear you driving a Rav4 .  ONLY WORST THAN A RAV4 is a HONDA CRV, GUTLESS "

WHY malign my wheels for the island. ..... ' this is so sad.  smh. lol.

New Historian  for you information ,  I wanted to have a strong , excellent working machine ,  for the island ,  I wanted a Honda 1999 to 2002 . Found one about 2 years ago
  Some JCB could not take care of it ,  Honda not very popular on the island . " No problem for me from the North.

Some info NH.
The CRV was upgraded from 126 Horse Power  to 146 HP for the 1999 to 2002 .
What an engine . Simple works 'all the time' .  One can put lots of  miles on it . The CRV 8 inches off those pot holes and country roads.  You can load stuff in the back ( small truck , lol )  and most of all , its an attractive' suv .  Not many on the island ,  have one , so you know the looks. lol.

What more HP do you need to run around  with on the island .  GUTLESS >>> he says

I try to keep my cool , but shitting on my wheels really pissed me off. lmao.
Good day.


#2 Nov 27, 2019 4:07 pm

New Historian

Re: Hey - Hey - Hey. NH.

LOL Dancer sorry to piss on your fave wheels, clearly we have  a different conception of the word "power"! I borrowed my friend's CRV once and with 4 adults in it the little thing could barely make it up Cemetery Hill, had to floor it!! My Pajero could haul a boat up there, if it had to!

"55% of CR-V buyers are men. They’re older, too, with a median age of 62"


#3 Nov 28, 2019 9:09 am


Re: Hey - Hey - Hey. NH.

Dancer, you better do some research on Honda and also the Rav4.  Was renting one from someone in Grenada. The damn thing would no go the hill where my sister resides in Gouyave.  I do own the American Rav 4.  Much better than the English version.  Like the Toyota Camry is the best selling car in America, the Rav is about to be the best selling Small truck up here.   Every way you look is the new version of the RAV.


#4 Nov 28, 2019 1:28 pm


Re: Hey - Hey - Hey. NH.

My wunnerful Grenadian Mechanic has either sorted my issues, or as also happened got it back together in readiness for parts that you cannot get but at an extreme premium here. If you ride in my ancient Japanese built direct dealer import another time you will be wondering how your ol yankee version sounding so baaaad.... LoL. With the new tyres to get the inspection done it will be like riding in a RR.

I know yours has a longer wheel base, and a bigger engine to compensate for the extra metal. Maybe you didn't take a long enough run up to get up that hill... LoL.

You can't judge a car by a Grenadian rental, I had one die half way up Grand Etang, maybe some renters take care of their vehicles, but I doubt it. Another one like the one you mentioned was gutless, mainly because they had the kickdown badly adjusted. It would struggle to go up St Davids hill it was that bad.

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