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#1 Nov 28, 2019 5:38 pm

New Historian

Insecure children

Or, one in particular:

After the Fox contributor and Weekly Standard editor Stephen F. Hayes called Trump 'a clown,' Trump faxed [Fox News anchor Bret] Baier a copy of his résumé, with a note scrawled across it in black marker: 'Tell Hayes no clown could have done all this!'
Pretty amazing -- and revealing -- right?

A billionaire celebrity running for president faxes(!) a copy of his resume to a conservative commentator who was dismissive of him. But not just that! He adds his own personal touch, noting that "no clown could have done all this!"

Now, it's important to remember that Trump is legendary for having articles he likes (or doesn't) printed out, scrawling a note of praise or contempt on them and then having the article faxed to its author. (Virtually every political journalist I know, including me, has been on the receiving end of one of Trump's faxed missives.)

But still!

Imagine this in your own life. Someone criticizes you on social media. You print out your resume, write "no clown could have done all this!" and send it to him or her. You wouldn't do that. Even if you really, really wanted to. And you wouldn't do it for a few reasons but the big one being: You would know how desperately insecure -- and thin-skinned -- you would come off.


#2 Nov 29, 2019 8:17 am


Re: Insecure children

I think that America, is longing for some kinda change.  I think that was one of the reasons Obama, was elected.  Trump promise some kinda change,  Hillary and also Bush, promise same oh same oh, that is why that Jack ass is now our president.  The folks that are now promising those changes Bernie and Warren are too radical.

BTW not all on Trump TV, but there are some push backs lately.


#3 Nov 29, 2019 10:41 am

Real Distwalker

Re: Insecure children

We have a two party system in which the parties actively cultivate factionalism among the people and the people accommodate them by dancing on command. 

If you are a political party loyalist in the US, Britain or most countries, you have failed as a citizen.  You have fell for their swindle.  You are a tool they use to pound their opponents. 

The people shouldn't be doing the bidding of the parties.  The people should be holding the government's feet to the fire.  That is, however, impossible, when you are too busy tongue slathering the ass of the leaders of  the political party that owns you.


#4 Nov 29, 2019 5:40 pm


Re: Insecure children

I was a solid Labour supporter for decades. Simply because they were the closest to the ideals I believed in. Then Tony Blair came into power on a tidal wave. Even though still called the Labour Party they became more right wing than the Conservatives, at this point I was ready and willing to vote Conservative or Labour or any other viable party that came close enough to what I wanted.

We know you cannot get everything you want from any particular party it is always a compromise. But is is the land of crazies now.

Boris wants Brexit, Corbyn tries to dodge any firm answer on it and has some weird Trotskyite ideas about rental properties, plus many other far left ideas that would make me vote against Labour were I able to.

One has to believe returning to America the bulk of GOP members just believe solid right wing values, and that's it.

It's a shame that Abortion is part of the political divide, something like that should be down to a referendum, or personal choice. I don't hold with on demand, oops I messed up abortions, but legislated you can't have one even though the circumstances are dire is wrong too.

I might have to join RD on the Libertarian platform. I hold with Government governing, but not micromanaging.


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