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#1 Jan 03, 2020 5:28 am


Caribbean People Should Not Be Struggling On This Issue

We should have moved away from England right after Independence. Had the Federation been successful we would have been better off. When it failed, we began to think independently and not as one unit--united for one cause. Really what has England done for us instead of throwing us some stale loaves of bread and bleed us of our resources. When we went to their country, they were violent against us and treated us like shit! Anyone who still thinks that the Queen is our protector is mad. She is our hindrance.


#2 Jan 03, 2020 6:45 am


Re: Caribbean People Should Not Be Struggling On This Issue

Gotta go on this early morning thing  , but before I go , here is something to chew on ,

Got that right ,,,,, the 1st sentence   ……. after that  ……  blaming Lizzy  the queen ,  is ,,,  hot air.

Looking at an early entry on MSN ,  from  your native homeland  , ' KFC  SPEAKS ' 

> Why can't a person  ( like on old years night go into a KFC in Kingston  for some  chicken  and not be assaulted )   ...  just 2 days ago.
>>>>>  A server to staff  on  a customer   order  """""" BATTYMAN ''''''' wants a breast or leg.  <<<<<<

…...The customer thinks that was an invitation for 'stupid people' to think violence . "  As you know BATTYMAN is a death sentence in JA.

"""Lets start with us .


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