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#1 Jan 04, 2020 11:12 am



I am not  saying it is only blacks folks, but when the last two mayors three states delegates has been found guilty of fraud ah must wonder, why these black folks so FRIGGING tief.

While working there was a number of times I  could of been on the take.  Now ah was not making the kind of monies these politicans were making, but I never ever went for their bribes.  I stayed honest.

I went to the Race track maybe ah month ago, I cashed ah winning ticket and played, but I thought I owed the teller maybe $200.00.  She gave me back $200.00.  I was not sure if ah was right, because I did cash ah few tickets.  The next time I went back to the track, she was not sure if it was me, but she remembered me and ask if it was me?  I thought about it and said I think it was me.  She told me she was about to be fired, if she cant give account of the missing $400.00.

I said ah doh know about the 400, but I will give you back the 200.00. the 400 was ah kinda the right figure. kinda complicated.  Anyway I gave them back their $400.00.  See me point, folks should be honest, especially when trusted with other folks monies.


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