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#1 Jan 18, 2020 7:43 pm


Do you want Age Ralated Macula Degeneration

I would guess not.... right?

Well like so many things in the past 70 odd years or so it has gone from unheard of, or at most very rare to epidemic. I don't want to trip over on stats, but I think it is expected around 30% of over 75 will have it, with an expectancy of losing most to all their sight.

However the good news is if caught in the early stages it can either be halted, or reversed... but only in the early stages.

However the gestation for the illness is 40-50 years, so if you haven't already got it, then just change your ways and your good to go.

There is a pretty convincing hypothesis out there that like so many modern illnesses the primary cause is the commercial replacement diet modern westerners are especially prone to consuming.

The old fats, like lard, and butter replaced with mechanically tortured oils and spreads the "modern" flour milling process which started around 1880, which replaced the old but healthier stone milling. Not to mention tons of sugars whether normal empty calories, or the even worse HFCS.

There are examples of populations around the world where in the West, and West affected countries AMD is chronic, yet in countries where rural areas for example cannot get our shabby food they continue to almost have no incidents of it. Nigeria for example, where the primary cases are all in and around the bustling cities.

Sorry for Historian living in Barbados, as they have high levels of imported food, crazy levels of sugar consumption and an AMD spike higher than America.  Apparently Colorado is the safest place for AMD in America.

So as with most illnesses/conditions nowadays the answer is plant based avoiding GMO, minimise sugar intake, eat and use healthy fats and oils, and give all the mechanised oils like Soya, Corn, Vegetable, Canola, and spreads like It tastes like Butter a wide birth.

Its kinda boring to quote almost exactly the same cure for most issues, but it is amazingly simple, and applicable to most of our modern health problems. Industry is making the human machine disintegrate. Like using paraffin to oil bearings instead of the correct viscosity lubricating oils.

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