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#1 Jan 19, 2020 11:35 pm


The Sunday Times says

Britains leading diabetes expert claims he has found a way you can reverse type 2 diabetes.

Wow, I have been preaching THAT Gospel for weeks if not months, ring any bells?

The only thing is as usual they have it only half right. They can put you on a special liquid diet until you lose 15lbs and then they help you with changing your diet to continue, but they are still messed up with avoiding lard, and lamb chops .... but if you are happy with carbs then it's ok, just watch quantities, so THEY say.

Fat is not the bloody problem, the body knows how to metabolise fat, it is sugars it struggles with.

If you want to put on weight drink plenty of skimmed milk. It's mainly lactose which is a form of sugar.

I repeat my mantra for ceasing to have diabetes, which is the same for most conditions created by our western die.  Eat a plant based diet, don't be afraid of moderate amounts of meat, fatty or otherwise, avoid carbs like the plague, and watch your blood sugar drop. Those on meds would have to ease themselves off them, as they could go too low quite quickly. But diabetes reversal for type 2, and 3, yes there is a type 3, it is a combination of type 1 and type 2..

Check the alternate medicine sites doc, you would have got the answers a lot quicker.


#2 Jan 20, 2020 10:54 am

Real Distwalker

Re: The Sunday Times says

Milk Products and Type 2 Diabetes

The relationship between milk product consumption and type 2 diabetes has been examined in a number of studies including several meta-analyses. The totality of the evidence to date indicates that milk products, including higher fat milk products, as well as yogurt and cheese specifically, are associated with a reduced risk of developing type 2 diabetes.


Milk product consumption is associated with a decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes;

Total dairy and low-fat milk products are associated with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes;

Yogurt and cheese are associated with a reduced risk of type 2 diabetes;

High-fat dairy/dairy fat is either neutral or associated with a decreased risk of developing type 2 diabetes;

Recent evidence suggests that higher fat milk products, including cheese, may be especially protective in those who have pre-diabetes. … 2-diabetes


#3 Jan 20, 2020 7:51 pm


Re: The Sunday Times says

There is concord with most of what you are highlighting.

With the exception of skimmed, or to put it another way low fat milk which is NOT beneficial, as a major component of the milk is then lactose which is a form of sugar, and anyone who says sugar is good for diabetes needs their head examining as carbs which either are sugar or are an easily converted into sugar food form that actually created the insulin resistance that caused type 2 diabetes to present in the first place.

Metformin and similar drugs act in different ways, but in laymans terms simply either increase the production of insulin, or make the cells more willing to accept messages from the insulin. But this is only temporary until it becomes uncontrollable, at which point insulin injections are needed.

How much easier to change your diet, keep your feet and your eyesight, and pay just a little bit extra for wholesome food instead of a fortune in medical bills. Takes around a month to revert to a pre diabetes condition... Or keep taking the medicine for how ever your restricted life is.

How do I know changing your diet reduces diabetes... Simple. When the experts changed their opinion on when pre diabetes starts My Wife instantly went from not pre-diabetic with no explanation from several doctors as to why she had peripheral neuropathy in her feet. Then when they changed to start point she WAS pre diabetic, so I was able to convince her to change her diet to a certain degree, but she hates vegetables, so it's been hard, but none the less within less than a week she was bumping around well below pre diabetic, and although still an issue, her neuropathy has improved.

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