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#11 Oct 03, 2020 11:43 pm


Re: Coronavirus close

We all know for some the complications of covid can be severe, and it seems long term, as in damage to heart, lungs etc. and no, as you know I was nicely tucked up with my fan in Grenada, so I don't know the specifics of your relatives.

But normally young hale and hearty people have either no problems, or not too severe, so laying them low without actual case knowledge was fair to assume was the same as a BAD case of flue, which as we also know can end up with pneumonia and death, but mostly is just pretty miserable. or could be defined as being laid low. Had I said cold, I could understand the pushback, but flue? that can be pretty nasty.

As in fever, muscle pains and joint pains , pounding headache, congestion, clogged lungs with repetitive burning cough loss of appetite, and anything I might have forgotten. Fortunately I haven't had the flue or hardly more than a brush with a cold for many years,

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