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Welcome to the one and only Spiceislander Talkshop.

#1 Mar 15, 2020 9:14 am



This is a very soft bush, that does your butt great.  Growing up in the Spice in our first house, we did not have Toilet paper; so, Soap bush had two purposes, wipe you butt and also use as soap, ah mean this bush made suds, just like soap. Grenada is time you return to the ole ways.

Here is what ah doh get about Americans, everyone should have ah bunch ah food stuff in reserve. In some cases folks was waiting more than two hours in line, to buy Toilet paper, crazy.

Ok ah must admit, ah went into Whole Food yesterday to get coffee.  The only place that sells my kinda of coffee.

It is crazy that SOME Americans live day to day. I can see that in Grenada, but not America.

This guy got 18,000 bottles of Hand sanitizer and he cant sell them.  He bought these bottles at $2.00 and were selling at $40 and $60 ah bottle, and was selling out, that was until Amazon and Ebay stop selling, and US government threaten to take him to court for prize fixing.

BTW, when ah came to Grenada, in 2018 that was during the H1NI  season, ah bought down ah bunch ah hand sanitizer. Expat they are all for sale, $1000 and bottle.  Just saying.

One more if Corona virus disappears during Hot weather, why should the Caribbean fear?

OK the last one NH, me PADNAH from across the street, bought ah motor cycle for $200, he cleaned it up and is now selling it to me for $500.  It is one of those with the car engine. You want it?


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