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#1 Mar 22, 2020 9:56 am



I know ah kinda bold and ah wanna teach Grenadians how to drive, so  every chance ah get, ah squeeze the shit outa them.  But ah doh tink ah have the nerve to do what you did.  I had to laugh aloud when they say take you white ass back to America and learn how to drive, your reaction shock the sheet outa me. BONJAY! man you something else.  You more Grenadian than I can dream about.  Seriously, ah doh have that much guts. You have more guts than bolley.

BTW is that how you talk to ah police officer?

Once ah week ah coming to talk to you, about how to handle them.

You are completely comfortable in your home, and doh mind picking ah fight.


#2 Mar 22, 2020 12:31 pm



Excuse me officer etc seems ok to me.... most of what you heard me say was to the baying crowd. All I tried to say to him after he told ME not to do it again, was as you heard, was that I was in the gap already before the dickwad came down and blocked my exit.

I have no problem with backing up, especially if you meet someone where neither can pass, and it would be easier for me. In the UK I have backed up maybe a 1/4 mile to the nearest passing point, and the favour has been returned by other drivers.... When common sense prevails it does not need to be a battle. All he had to do was slow down, or stop 10 feet shorter than he did, or pull slightly to the left, but no that was too easy, or too complicated for his shrivelled brain.

Many many times I have encountered Grenadian drivers where they cut corners or do something stupid, then stop and expect me to dig them out a hole. I accept they have not been taught to plan their driving actions, but simply react to what ever comes up. Personally I have been driving on some of the busiest roads in Europe for more than 50 years, I have driven everything from a Mini to a double decker bus with lorries and racing cars in-between. I have been shadowed by a police motorcyclist for 2 days on an advanced rider course, I trained to drive a double decker bus including the skid pan they used to do as an engineer. I may not be as sharp now as I was when I was 20, but by Christ I can drive better than most of these schmucks.

But the van driver did not have to be obstructive or arrogant. Judging by the verbals from the crowd, the flavour really is get back to your own country.... eh... Reverse that and it is racism .. no?

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#3 Mar 22, 2020 4:12 pm



You that was really the surprise.  I wonder how often this happens and how you keep handling it?  I was shocked that you stepped outa the car and was going toe to toe with them.

Man you are fearless.

Keep on teaching them how to drive.

I did the same to ah bus driver entering the terminal.  He did not realize I had no where to go and ah was not going to yield my right ah way to him.  I also knew he was in a hurry, and he eventually back up, after plenty bad words.

He also knew I was foreign, and expected  me to yield, but little did he know, ah was ready for he BAMBAM hole.

I know you one of the best driver in the island, so doh worry.


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