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#21 Mar 26, 2020 5:29 pm


Re: The Cost of CV in America

Listen Houston, one of my biggest argument, in Grenada especially folks that just know, say all these crazy thing about America.  Here is the thing, In my early years I said the same damn things, but now that I know, it is very different.

Me mother in law can get 24 hours of Medical care if we choose, but I crossed the line, and said hell no.  Not ah soul in me house when ah sleeping.

Stop believing most of the bad shit you hear about America.   Trust me and there are bad shit, but there are tons of good about this place. Trump is the worst of America, he is not America.


#22 Mar 26, 2020 5:35 pm

Real Distwalker

Re: The Cost of CV in America

It does vary a little state to state.  There are different definitions of income in which you qualify for government insurance.  Some states are more generous and add to the federal insurance. 

Obamacare was, among other things, the subsidy for low income people.  Under Obamacare the low income people get a subsidy they didn't get before.  The fuss over it was that everyone else ended up paying a lot more for insurance to cover that.  So it was something of a redistribution plan.


#23 Mar 26, 2020 8:24 pm


Re: The Cost of CV in America

Real Distwalker wrote:

So here is the dirty little secret that nobody wants to come out and say.  Everybody can be insured in the US but everyone isn't.  Why is that?  Because you have to be proactive.  You have to sign up.  In Canada and the UK, they take care of that for you.  In the US, you have to fill out the forms.

So the reality isn't that insurance in the US isn't affordable, it is that people don't bother to sign up.  It is either that, or they don't want to even pay the subsidized rate.  So they don't have insurance until they are sick.   That's the problem.

You have a N.I. number from the time you start Work, as well as a National Health Number from Birth. You pay yer dues little by little, most likely equating to the subsidised rate, and voila.

Although during my lifetime they have gone from a get you back to work and basic needs set up, which is what it was intended to be. Not as altruistic as many think.... to a an advanced, technologically heavy juggernaut which has been pared to the bone staff and hospital wise. Where instead of having a Matron who advanced through the system and knew lots about the infrastructure of the Hospital, they went to Managers many of whom never spent time in a hospital except to get a grazed knee patched.


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