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#1 May 03, 2020 3:34 pm


Plants .... House Plants

Plants are Ok.     I like some plants. lo.  Green plants.

Is your home full of  'stuff '  , eating up your  O2
Do you believe that  some plants will do the trick ,,,,,,, replenishing your O2

>>>>>> Living in modern houses or flats  , the pollution in the air , cars and smoke  , does a number ,,,,,, if you are not in the country. (open air)
Plants absorb  air polluting organic and inorganic chemicals and break them down into compounds that the plant can use for energy.
In turn we get to breath clean air that the plant provides for us  ---- all we have to do  is to give them water and sunlight for survival. <<<<<

Here are some of the top O2 providers for your living space.

1...….Aloe Vera plant
2...… Peace Lily
3..... Bamboo plant.
4...… Lavender plant
5..... Spider Plant

……….. they are others , so getting  one will make you day. lo.


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