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#1 May 04, 2020 3:35 pm


MYRNA LOY .......The only Good Girl IN Hollywood .......1930s

Years ago when I was introduced to the :The Thin Man Series : of movies . I thought Myrna Loy was hot , and good   ….. ' So you know , since then ,  I would watch any of her movies ,  that showed  up on You Tube.
To me Myrna was  - way under -  appreciated , lo.
But Things , Seem to be changing , others seeing the light.
…..A little background and then check out her photos. Lawd !

> Myrna Loy original name . Myrna Williams. Born 2 Aug 1905 in Montana USA. Died Ny Ny 1993  .
American motion picture actress who began her career playing treacherous femmes fatales and who attained stardom during the 1930s in roles as glib , resourceful sophisticates .
" Dubbed " The Queen Of Hollywood "
Loy was promoted by her studio as everyman   ' dream wife'  . Her combination of beauty and brains made male audiences regard her as the ideal mate.
'aloof yet seductive persona , they claimed.'

John Ford ::::  "  Wouldn't you know it , the kid they picked  to play  tramps is the only good girl in Hollywood."

SO..... to

Myrna Loy …… Flashbak.Com/the only good girl in Hollywood.       >>>>>> see some photos of a beautiful woman.

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