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#1 May 12, 2020 12:22 pm


An example of poor Grenadian thinking

In Westerhall there is a Supermarket/Bakery.

I guess the householders near the shop got fed up with people parking outside making it hard to get a vehicle in or out. So my belief is they petitioned the Police to make the area outside their property a no parking area.

So, the shop only really has space for 5 or 6 vehicles off road, and in the evenings it is a nightmare for going to the shop NOW that the entire bend above the shop, and down as far as the church below it is marked up with a big NO PARKING box.

When really all that was needed was a road marking outside the 2 possible residencies marking where the vehicle access was needed. Or worse case scenario, OK, have no parking, but only have restrictions between peak periods if traffic jams are the reason.

As it is, law abiding citizens like me park way down or up the road and shuffle to the shop, while most people ignore it anyway and still park within the area. I can only guess every now and then a traffic warden will arrive and ticket offenders.

But outside of Town, it is the only place I know of that has a no parking box.

Even in Town for a year or two they had no parking around the Careenage, which possibly was to let visitors get a better view?,,, dunno, but lets be fair, Town is a jammup place with a couple of car parks a long way away from the Careenage, and many other places. Parking was needed, and parking on the side was not blocking traffic.

I notice after COP(ag) Martin took over they have now devised parking zones that are fairly sensible around the Careenage. I always  felt the tourists would like to see a bustling real life harbour, rather than a Disney land version.


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