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#1 May 12, 2020 12:44 pm


Fairly new treatment for Mens problems

I think including a test period it has been around for around 3 years now.

Makes yer eyes water.

They insert a tube up a place you don't want it to go, and then a probe pops out the side through the urethra wall, and injects STEAM into the engorged cells. for about 7 seconds.

Almost no discomfort, and return to normal urination in hours or at worst in most cases a couple of months.

Perhaps only a 5% side affect rate as compared to a 100% if they lazer the problem.

Normally no erection problems, and no dry firing.

As yet they do not know if patients might need a second treatment in 5 plus years, which can happen with other methods.


#2 May 15, 2020 9:51 am


Re: Fairly new treatment for Mens problems

" Men's Problems?  " Expat you must try to do better than that .  " Mens Problems ? "
" We are all adults here  ,,,,, educate ,    …….men's problems. smh.

The English 'stiff upper lip and all "   …. calling British Prime Minister , 'friend of Donald' … "" our extraordinary Prime Minister. ""


#3 May 15, 2020 10:55 am


Re: Fairly new treatment for Mens problems

The laser to me is ah waste ah frigging time and money.  Had the laser done just before my trip to Grenada in 2018.  I was good on the flight going down, but on the flight back up, things got real bad.  If it ent guarantee to me waste ah time.  There is now modern medicine, it is called de vince code ah tink.  Four small punches in your stomach and you good as gold.  It takes only about one and ah half hours.

Almost no bleeding, you good to go in about three days. Your surgent must be very well trained on that piece of equipment;  If, not you dead as ah door nob.

60 minutes did ah segment on that machine, just before ah had mine, and they was saying how much folks it killed.  Ah made sure ah check with me doc, to find how educated he was on the piece of equipment.

Ah forgot how long ah had to wait before doing the do. It is ah miracle machine if the operator know what they doing.

My prostate was so large, it went over in me bladder.  So Expat, ah just doh know how effective that is.  None of my urologist recommend dat to me.

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#4 May 15, 2020 3:30 pm


Re: Fairly new treatment for Mens problems

7 second per blast of steam, treatment around 5 minutes including preparation, 10 minutes briefing, and you walk in and out without even needing to use anesthetic, Almost no incidents of dry orgasm, no erectile dysfunction, minimal bleeding.

It has an almost 100% success rate, and most people improved from straight away to the first couple of days. Although it can take maybe up to 3 months for a few.

Whats not to like.

The second one is longer and more detailed from an actual practitioner with real patients speaking.

Maybe your urologist is not up to speed.


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