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#1 Jun 25, 2020 3:51 pm

New Historian

Now this statue doesn't need tearing down

Ain't that beautiful? Crane Beach Hotel, Barbados.

Just to uplift your spirits, on this Thursday afternoon!



#2 Jun 25, 2020 9:58 pm


Re: Now this statue doesn't need tearing down

Yes nice indeed.

To your header, while there are many that do, as they are blatantly supportive of darker times in our shared histories, there also seems to be much over reach, where judgements are made with modern consciousness, while the proposed victims of the tearing down frenzy lived in a totally different time, with totally different standards, and even beliefs.

What is likely to happen is effectively what many Black People would denounce if it were to affect issues connected to them, the sanitation of history. Example, until fairly recently "we" only really knew about Florence Nightingale, while Mary Seacole had been airbrushed out of history. Quite correctly she is being pushed further and further into our awareness.

If you wipe out all the reminders of historical events you are left with a whitewashed version which actually diminishes the cause the protesters are aiming for. So that in a hundred years if we ever survive to enjoy a new order, people will be less able to identify how things came to pass. Just as we may all end up a light coffee colour, so will our history be smudged, with fewer references to bounce off.

Another example which actually has has racial overtones, is not between colours of races but types of Caucasian.  Oliver Cromwell who has his horse mounted statue outside parliament. He bordered on being genocidal of Catholics, principally in Ireland. Should he be torn down?

I get the Presidents statue that seems to subjugate Blacks and Native Americans, and maybe the slave trader in Bristol, although as I said he was in different times. But it seems to me there is almost a hysteria going on.


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