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#1 Jun 27, 2020 5:45 pm

New Historian

Speaking of stupid racial euphemisms

It's only the other day I heard that, in proper politically correct-speak, I now have a new name in the UK: BAME!! "Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic". So wait, black people and Roma gypsies and Albanian lesbians are now to be grouped in one big catch-all? What bullshit is this? Apparently I'm not alone:

This stimulated my pedantic poetic juices:

What’s in a Name?

Not long ago they called us slaves
Worked us to death, in unmarked graves
Then they told us that we were “free”
To become all that we wanted to be
They promised us forty acres and a mule
And who believes in promises? A fool

What’s in a name, you want to know?
I’ll spell it out for you, nice and slow
They called us N*gger, Coloured and Coon
But never a Man, was that too soon?
Afro-this, Afro-that, Afro all kinds of crap
Why the hell can’t we just be Black?

So again you ask: what’s in a name?
I’ll make it clear
So all can hear:
I ain’t no f*cking BAME!

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#2 Jun 27, 2020 7:34 pm


Re: Speaking of stupid racial euphemisms

Excellent poem says a lot.


#3 Jun 27, 2020 7:58 pm

Real Distwalker

Re: Speaking of stupid racial euphemisms

As I get old and into my dotage I find it hard to stay woke.  Somebody really needs to publish a program or something.


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