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#1 Mar 02, 2017 9:12 am


Trump the CEO

I just heard a commentator say this, but I had already thought it myself.

The way Trump is setting things up he is replicating his or general business practice.

In other words, he is delegating to various key people, and giving them individual power.... and responsibility that was not normal before.

This will both give him credit when they make good judgement calls, and a level of denial ability when it all goes tits up.

He is the Commander in Chief, not an interested party.

Who knew the ACA was complicated.... puleeeese.

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#2 Mar 02, 2017 9:21 am


Re: Trump the CEO

That man have no clue what is happening around him.  When he delegates, if all goes well, he grabs the credit and if it fails, it is not his fault.

I posted this here before, was it because Obama, was president, every and all Americans can now be president.  Did the election of Obama demean the presidency? Now Oprah wants to run. Cuban is also thinking about running for president.   What frigging experience Oprah, Cuban and Trump has to be the Commander in Chief?

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