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#1 Sep 07, 2020 10:37 am


WHERE is Ms Goody two shoes

Only booming all de time , in these times ? Share nuh.
  Hold some strain  ,  I am getting your writing  soon.

...... let me catch up on some other thing today.
14 days quarantine people .


#2 Sep 08, 2020 11:02 am


Re: WHERE is Ms Goody two shoes

' Ms Goody Two shoes.' .... Don't play you don't know about KRUG .

Claimed Blackness for years /  Blackness Stolen /  Appropriation .

>> George Washington University has cancelled  classes set to be taught by Jessica Krug , a professor who claimed to be black , when in fact she was a white Jewish woman  from Kansas City.
>> ..I have never met Krug but I have encountered characters like her on College Campuses , including my own . They share some uneasiness  with their whiteness and seek refuge in their fantasies of blackness and the rich culture , history  and especially the radical politics they associate with it .     ...... even more than other black people  because you are  , as KRUG had described in a 'bio' ...... "  child of the hood  "

' Calypso   ...   I want to see your 'bio' "

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