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#1 Sep 23, 2020 4:14 pm


Pres Trump and Omar

Yesterday , recently,,,   REP;  ilhan Omar  tweeted , or something  , "" why is this man in my face all de time " " .......... '  after Trump told her to go back where she came from '

Trump likes your Style '  lord !

He likes how you speak to him ' Lo !!  ..... listen up ..Trump. lo.'

CNN interview with Omar . Lord !
That woman uses words like ... music
... and  clear .
" got my vote Omar." lol.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  But  back to the point ....

> What she expressed  .... " not only is he racist , but he's a racist  xenophobic .
Because he is not against immigration , he's just against immigrants who look like me ".
She added... He spreads the disease of hate everywhere he goes , his rallies ,fueled by fear ". <


#2 Sep 27, 2020 6:06 pm


Re: Pres Trump and Omar

Trump says he is strongly demanding  his opponent , Joe Biden take a drug test .  He says  he is willing to take one.'
.... ' he continued , about Biden  .. " His debate performances have been record setting   UNEVEN ,  to put it mildly . Only drugs could have caused this discrepancy  ??????

.> Trump is playing so nasty ......its a shame. lmao. "


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