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#1 Sep 27, 2020 2:49 pm


The Case for SHOWERING Less . . . (Per Dr. Hamblin)!

Yes, you read that caption as it was meant by the proponent of that argument, Dr. Hamblin. Here are some of his positions:

1. "Hamblin, a physician and health reporter, has been fielding the question since 2016, when the article he wrote about his decision to stop showering went viral. The piece outlines compelling reasons why one might want to spend less time sudsing up: Cosmetic products are expensive, showering uses a lot of water, and the whole process takes up valuable time."

2. "Perhaps most importantly, bathing disrupts our skin's microbiome: the delicate ecosystem of bacteria, fungi, mites and viruses that live on (and in) our body's largest organ. Most of these microbes are thought to be benign freeloaders; they feast on our sweat and oils without impacting our health. A small number cause harmful effects, ranging in severity from an irksome itch to a life-threatening infection. And some help us out by, for example, preventing more dangerous species from taking up residence."

3. "Why do you think that some of these cultural practices deserve to be reexamined?

So many reasons. We're spending a lot of money (or at least we were pre-pandemic, I don't have new data) on products and practices in this enormous industry-complex of self-care, skin care, hygiene and cosmetics — which is barely regulated, which is a huge and important part of people's daily lives, which people worry a lot about, which people get a lot of joy from, which people bond over, which people judge, and which causes a lot environmental impacts in terms of water and plastic.

And there's the emerging science of the skin microbiome. Being clean [has historically] meant removing microbes from ourselves, so it's an important moment to try to clarify what, exactly, we're trying to do when we're doing the hygiene behaviors."

See the article here: … ering-less

What say ye?


#2 Sep 27, 2020 4:33 pm


Re: The Case for SHOWERING Less . . . (Per Dr. Hamblin)!

On many occasions when I am working in the land I might shower 3 or more times a day.

I fully understand the microbiome argument, I have been bitching about the never ending use of hand sanitizers which are actually leaving me open to skin infections.

However ... I did not check the link yet..... I believe this is the guy that hasn't showered like for years? I also understand that after a period of time you stop smelling like a dead skunk, and balance in your biome stops you being socially unpleasant.

However I also know it doesn't take long whether in London, or Grenada to get coverred in one form of pollution or another. When in London my shirt collars and cuffs were frequently very grimy by the end of the day. and here in Grenada if I do a Roman scrape of my skin the grime is there to be seen.

No hygene is a good thing, hot baths not so much.


#3 Sep 27, 2020 5:16 pm


Re: The Case for SHOWERING Less . . . (Per Dr. Hamblin)!

Rule of thumb..shower as needed. If you can smell your own odors, you are way overdue for a bath.
I agree that some folks overdo it with showers just for the refreshing aspect, but to not have a shower in 5 years is a bit extreme.
Peanuts "Pig Pen" comes to mind.


#4 Sep 27, 2020 5:54 pm


Re: The Case for SHOWERING Less . . . (Per Dr. Hamblin)!

What is they say.. "Cleanliness is next to Godliness".
It doesn't take long to smell like a bear.
Used to have to work alongside this chap that always had the same foul body odor. I would wonder if it was something in his diet but it was just to rank to be from any type of food.
One day during a meeting, the fellow sitting next to him said "you smell like you slept in a barn last night". The entire table laughed.
I felt bad for him, that's no way to discover that you stink.
You would think that his wife or close friends would have said something but then again, maybe that odor was normal Mark.


#5 Sep 27, 2020 5:54 pm


Re: The Case for SHOWERING Less . . . (Per Dr. Hamblin)!

' It is known ,  some folks , just don't like water.   'STRANGE' !


60% of the adult human body is water .
   ( HH Mitchell,journal of Biological chemistry )

The brain and heart are composed of 73% water
Lungs are 83% water
The Skin contains 64% water
Muscles and kidneys are 79% water

Even the bones are watery at 31%.


#6 Sep 27, 2020 6:19 pm


Re: The Case for SHOWERING Less . . . (Per Dr. Hamblin)!

There was another mate that I occasionally had to work with. Jon was from Korea. Nicest person you could ever meet, always a big cheerful smile. His English wasn't the best so it was difficult to communicate.
Have to say, Jon had the worst breath I have ever smelled, it was horrible, which made it more difficult to explain things. I would think of him to myself as sushi breath but later learned that he ate black garlic every day. Have never had it, or heard of it, but that would explain the dreadful breath.


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