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#21 Oct 15, 2020 9:27 pm

Real Distwalker

Re: Mandated vaccines on the cards for Covid

I agree about the masks but a fanatical mask wearer is the type of person who is very careful indeed.  Last month at my cousin's funeral - she was his aunt too - she refused to enter the church and, even in the cemetery, stayed up wind on a windy day and never removed her mask.

What I am learning is that, if this virus has your name on it, you are gonna get it.  Maybe not on small, isolated islands but here in the big country it haunts us.

By the way, she says that of course she will continue to wear a mask even though she is immune.  Common courtesy.

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#22 Oct 15, 2020 10:26 pm


Re: Mandated vaccines on the cards for Covid

Well we had our 25th case after about 3 months of only having 24, because a dickwad who came from Canada for a funeral left quarantine before the result came back.... that same day. He directly contacted around 17, and there was a spin off or maybe 15 more. So now we have had our first version of community spread. Previously the cases stopped within the affected households.

So although they jumped on the contact tracing straight away, maybe someone didn't get traced? Maybe they will be asymptomatic.

I still see people with the thing on their chins and even under them despite the police saying they have a zero tollerance and a starting $350 ticket.

We were told people had to wear GPS bracelets, and couldn't leave the designated property. I guess that was BS.


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