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#1 Oct 15, 2020 9:59 am


Who is Lewis Hamilton ?

Reading this recent article   and seeing it had some connection to Gree  and Africa    ...  (Slice)

We know who Lewis Hamilton   is ... top Formula 1  World class  racing driver ...... and he was talking .
"" I am able to brush aside negative emotion from past abusers ""   Hamilton  was  talking about his growing up , teachers , friends and people who gave him a hard time  for being who he was.
" No hard feeling he says "
I had to smile , this picture that accompanied the article was Hamilton  in Gold  neck Chains ,  rings in each ear , nose ring  and  wearing black black. lo.
I have heard a similar story from one of our resident TS ers .
Hang in there Hamilton.


#2 Oct 15, 2020 12:45 pm


Re: Who is Lewis Hamilton ?

You BAWL out me name, but ah doh know what to say other than I am sure he grew up much differnt than when ah was growing up.

Lewis quite possible grew privileges' He left Grenada at ah very young age.  We all grew up knowing that teachers was the utmost authority, and they gave us all a hard time.  They always wanted the best for us.  Me ent sure what Lewis was talking about.  We little but we kinda in Big thing all over the world.  Recently I read about another Grenadian, was appointed to some high court in England.  He is the first Black or mixed race to that court and also the youngest.


#3 Oct 15, 2020 4:19 pm


Re: Who is Lewis Hamilton ?

An they shit always floats to the top...?   LoL.


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