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#1 Nov 10, 2020 12:35 pm


So "We don't know"

"Whether the elderly will get any benefit from the vaccine".

FFS, thats the most vulnerable group, other than those with co-morbidities. If it don't stop it and only reduce symptoms for young folk, for Old folks they do not have either the immune system to fight hardly anything off, or the resiliance to cope with the affects. Ergo THEY GONNA DIE. So it will be no friggin use.  Even Fauci has stated clearly it will not stop infections, it will not stop symptoms... Thats your Vaccine God speaking, not me.

Between 80-90% of people in the regular population either aint gonna get sick, or seriously ill. Who are these people trying to fool.  Well I know they have with it least one or two, but there's hope for questioning people.

One simple question.

Who do you trust people with skin in the game, or people just as qualified, but are not linked to, or likely to be coerced by all the Big Pharma tentacles.

Even the ex head of pharmacueticals of Pfizor stated we have no real idea as to whats going on with infections.  Poor quote, but along those lines. Does the mass murder of smokers not ring any bells?

There are Dollar printing machines warming up all over the World trying to get in on this cash cow. Estimated at 79 Billion.


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