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#1 Nov 12, 2020 5:03 pm


I woz right it seems.

The real number is not 90% it is .02% with a vaccine that did not stop anyone from getting the virus, and as yet they have no indication it will. It is a projection from that small sample that it will be 90%... could you have predicted trump would have been elected in 2016 with 0.02% of the votes in?

Here's a kicker for you. The British Government has put out an urgent request for AI to record the expected very high numbers of Adverse reactions expected from the vaccines.... Get that.... THEY EXPECT HIGH NUMBERS OF ADVERSE REACTIONS. From experimental vaccines where the vaccine companies have no liability. NONE.

I missed the first 1/2 hour of this live program, but I tuned in at just the right time to get some real hard hitting info. I shall check back later when you can see the episode in recorded form. It will be episode 189 and is called The Deadly Impact of Lockdown, the reason being the amount of life years lost due to the lockdowns as compared to the very small amount of lives lost from the virus.

Do yourself a favour, at least see if you can find a reason to disagree with what they are saying instead of standing on the sidelines nodding at what the Pharma feeds you.

PS. The ex chief science officer at pfizer says the deaths recorded bear no relationship to the virus due to the false positives the PCR tests are throwing up.

Already the on line MAIL is saying if you want to fly you are going to HAVE to be vaccinated. Is this really the World we are changing into?


#2 Nov 13, 2020 8:12 am


Re: I woz right it seems.

Here is what ah just do get, already millions of folks have been infected, millions have died and will get worst before it gets better.  With a vaccine within reach, what do you want to world to do?  There is no guarantee in this world, ah mean none; so, ah doh know a better way to get back to normal.  Expat if there is one, please let me know.


#3 Nov 13, 2020 9:05 am


Re: I woz right it seems.

You are being FRIGHTENED like a sheep by a motorway by the noise that is out there.

Oh by the way had you used the link I provided you would see the sample rate of that vaccine is not 90%, that is a projection  from a sample of 0.02%. Did I not say those numbers were completely off?  Could you have predicted Trump would win in 2016 with a sample rate of 0.02%. O)f course you couldn't. Not only that but even from their own lips every one of those cases GOT the virus.... It is all bullshite. The CDC's own info states firmly the only people who really have to worry is people over 70, below that while there will be some combination of events that will cause fatality the death rate, is extremely small like .01%

The numbers seem big because you are not thinking beyond the numbers. The numbers which are distorted out of all sense of reality. Even if they are not distorted which they are, for America the supposed death rate is small in comparison to the supposed infection rate, and now they have stopped mistreating people with ventilators except as a last resort the number between cases and deaths is going to increase.... the death rate percentage is going to fall.

It is a fact they have changed the way deaths are recorded. While some might say it is only a recommendation, it is a recommendation most doctors who value their jobs are following. If Covid is a joint symptom when you make out the death certificate the patient died from covid. Not as it always used to be they died from this or that long standing illness, and there were added complications so they died with covid. NO they died from covid. Most men die with prostate cancer, not from it. There is a big difference.

Then the bloody test is extremely good at giving false positives... that isn't an accident, it is bloody bad practice because... I have to quote America, because I don't know what the proceedure is in the UK, but in America they are multiplying the sample in many labs... which is how its done by 37 to 40 times. Which if you ever followed any of the information I have supplied puts the unreliability of the test out to 80 to 100% UNRELIABLE. Lots of people are being misdignosed. If you multiply the sample out to 17% it is 100% reliable

People are being misdiagnosed and mistreated, and being misrecorded.

Trump was actually right about something. The more you test the more cases you get. FALSE cases.

Not only that but the lockdowns they are threatening you with kill MANY more people than the virus even if the numbers were accurate. I supply the links to the information which is all from solid sources NOT connected to the Pharma industry, if you chose not to watch and read thats on you.

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