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#11 Nov 18, 2020 12:00 pm


Re: Legal update on Covid from ICAN

Pfizer  Vs Moderna  .... Vaccines


pfizer.. Biotech
Bnt 162b2
Dose .. 30mg
Efficacy 95%
Storage -70c
cost $19.50 a dose


MRNA   1273
Dose 100mg
Efficacy - 94.5
Storage -20c
Cost $37 a dose


#12 Nov 18, 2020 10:44 pm


Re: Legal update on Covid from ICAN

I'll not be getting any type of vaccine until authorities decide on what they are dealing with.
The conflicting numbers and desperate solutions don't instill a lot of confidence. … pes-falter


#13 Nov 18, 2020 11:42 pm


Re: Legal update on Covid from ICAN

You would only be peddling it if you were foolish enough to take the information supplied and pass it on without exercising intelligent observation.

With your enormous brain power you would be able to disseminate the falsehoods, and show them for what they are.

However to not go into the enemy bunker and eradicate the foe is just cowardice. It indicates you are not as confident of your Big Pharma proganda as you claim to be.

It is easy to do a quick trawl and find a comfort blanket point of view in text from many many sources, especially when the vast majority are either funded by, aligned with, or suckered by the organisations you so trust.

What is more hard is to face your dragons head on.

To put up pathetic straw men like Flat Earth theorists, is imbecilic. There are vast swathes of the population that fit somewhere in the I am not sure I trust vaccines, but I'll take the chance, all the way to raving anti vaxxers, who fit in the same camp as anti G5 or what ever the telephonic next stage is. I certainly do not believe the latest phone towers are giving people the Virus or Cancers directly that is idiotic, especially when millions of the cases occurred in places that don't even have the network. BUT it is not implausible that just like cell phones do have a negative effect on our health, and the new system is going to have many more towers to minimise dead spots, there could be an increase in downgrading our immune systems, or other side effects. There is no black and white answer to any of it. To think there is, is naive.

The apparent fact that you do not seem to be able to go outside your comfort zone says a lot.

>>In April 1955, soon after mass polio vaccination began in the US, the Surgeon General began to receive reports of patients who contracted paralytic polio about a week after being vaccinated with Salk polio vaccine from Cutter pharmaceutical company, with the paralysis limited to the limb the vaccine was injected into. The Cutter vaccine had been used in vaccinating 200,000 children in the western and midwestern United States.[76] Later investigations showed that the Cutter vaccine had caused 40,000 cases of polio, killing 10.[76] In response the Surgeon General pulled all polio vaccine made by Cutter Laboratories from the market, but not before 250 cases of paralytic illness had occurred. Wyeth polio vaccine was also reported to have paralyzed and killed several children. It was soon discovered that some lots of Salk polio vaccine made by Cutter and Wyeth had not been properly inactivated, allowing live poliovirus into more than 100,000 doses of vaccine. In May 1955, the National Institutes of Health and Public Health Services established a Technical Committee on Poliomyelitis Vaccine to test and review all polio vaccine lots and advise the Public Health Service as to which lots should be released for public use. These incidents reduced public confidence in polio vaccine, leading to a drop in vaccination rates.<<

It is not hard to find counter arguments for safety trials to be comprehensive.

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#14 Nov 19, 2020 12:18 am


Re: Legal update on Covid from ICAN

houston wrote:

I'll not be getting any type of vaccine until authorities decide on what they are dealing with.
The conflicting numbers and desperate solutions don't instill a lot of confidence. … pes-falter

I wonder what kicked the Swedish relaxed approach into the doldrums. It was being held up as a reason to not ruin your economy, but although I think the lock downs are counter productive in many ways. Ruining the economy creating desperate situations for many people, increasing sanity issues, domestic violence, suicide, deaths from heart attacks, and probablyt future increased deaths from Cancers, not to mention thousand of patients who need none life threatening, but still distressing ailments to be sorted out. I strongly beieve efficassy of masks regardless, we should keep our distance, and stay away from people as far as is reasonable just to not volunteer to get ill.

Historically I believe the WHO perspective used to be keep the disease/virus at bay, but once it's endemic in the population just accept it, and let it run it's course. I may be wrong, but I think this is the first time lock downs have been introduced.

We could fall foul of this thing here in Grenada, but it has been fairly well controlled to date, as far as getting into the country. I think if we had a quick burst of none traced cases we would be no different to anywhere else. People really need to pull their socks up with respect to safety protocols. Masks at half mast are pretty common, and less than useless.

It would be nice if the vaccines were 95% effective, but I do not see how a positive group of *0 somethng, and 90 something of maybe 10 people in each group actually getting the virus, as well as the placebo out of a test sample of 34000, or 45000 or what ever those numbers were equates to 95%. 0.02 percent maybe. I just do not see where the claims have any validity.

Vax volunteers have my blessing to throw themselves on the experimental pile. I will not any time soon. If I ain't cought it and popped my clogs, I shall wait until there is some real statistics that make sense. By the time that happens I shall as I say already have cought it and probably died, or the virus will have run it's course, and be over before the vaccines are ready to use, which is what happened with the previous outbreaks.


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