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#1 Dec 15, 2020 1:01 pm


Canucks Covid 19 Poll.

65% of Canadians support a general holiday lock down in their Province during the Xmas and New Year  period  to tackle the Pandemic   --  versus 29% who appose the idea.


#2 Dec 15, 2020 6:36 pm


Re: Canucks Covid 19 Poll.

Lockdowns don't actually work, the stats if read and understood prove it.  Howver the stupidity of the general public in their behaviour kinda means it is the only option.

Despite the WTO saying covid is not seasonal, it is. The reductions we had in the North over the summer were seasonal drops, not control mechanismms. Now the flue season is in full swing it's going into mealt down... Even if you lock away and kill God knows how many people by depression, domestic violence, heart attacks, cancelled Cancer screenings  etc etc.... it is still going to be out there when you come out to play.

Don't think the vaccine is going to make more than a miniscule difference, as it WONT STOP YOU GETTING IT.... they say so themselves.... it MAY just reduce your symptoms.... but does that mean you'll get long covid?   who knows. You will still have to socially distance, wash your hands everuy 5 minutes, and wear a mask. So the old norm will be the new norm.

My prediction... no body elses... vaccine or no vaccine, we will have reached saturation point for people who can catch it by the end of this flue season, and by summer next year it will just be an endemic flue like so many of the others we have experienced.

There will still be little outbursts, but they will be written off, just like the others have been.


#3 Dec 16, 2020 12:38 pm


Re: Canucks Covid 19 Poll.

I wonder about this New Normal   rhetoric ?

Washing your hands.
Keeping out of reach of people spitting in your face while talking
Staying away from  unsanitary conditions or people you don't know.
Is this supposed to be NEW ?

'Could have fooled me.'


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