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#1 Dec 24, 2020 10:12 am

New Historian

Nearly my sad lonesome death.....

Another time in my little rondavel in Kruger Park South Africa, I found this unwelcome guest under my bed. I figured he'd just eaten so wouldn't bother to trouble with me. Which was fine, until 3AM when I needed to pee! The next morning he'd slinked off, and it wasn't 'til I showed the picture to a park ranger that I discovered it was a green mamba, one of the deadliest snakes in the world ...



#2 Dec 24, 2020 2:04 pm


Re: Nearly my sad lonesome death.....

New Historian crying at Xmas . Lord Have mercy !
Lonesome death of   Medulla the lion and  a near miss from a green mamba  snake.
'  He Needs  some 'jack iron' . NO !!!   Choose ESA Fields or Mount Gay , some good Jameson ,  some Jamaican black cake , sweet bread , some pig (Ham)  sorry about the 'weed' not legal down there.
Totally Sad. lmao

...... NB .... Don't drink and sail.
He should be falling on his knees  and saying 'thank you Lord' . You know I don't mean 1/2 of what I say .
And I keep in mind your forgiving nature 70 times 7 = 490 times. COOL.
That's love and forgiveness , for yuh.


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